10 Common Ways You Weaken Your Immune Response

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This is wonderful information I am sharing with you today and I do not know who specifically to credit. I can tell you it came from the company RnAReSet.com where I buy the pico-ionic magnesium and other minerals that work so well for me. The company sends out awesome information and I am passing it on to you.

Here are 10 common ways you weaken your immune response:

1- GMO based foods. Genetically modified organisms (GMO) make our immune system work harder. Foods that are GMO are recognized as foreign and initiates an immune response.
2- Sodas, any type of soda. The chemicals in soft drinks wreak havoc on our gut bacteria. This is an issue because our immune system starts in our gut. Healthy gut, healthy body.
3- Fast food and junk food. Research from Germany shows that our immune system reacts the same to a high calorie, high fat, fast food diet as it does to a bacterial infection. AND this can still persist long after switching to a healthy diet. So the sooner these foods are eliminated, the better.
4- Foods containing additives. Food additives are becoming a more common factor in decreasing our health. The shelf life extenders added to foods are toxins to our body causing our immune system to work overtime.

5- Stress, anxiety and panic. Daily stress signals our nervous system and hormone producing organs to act. This constant signal drains our body’s minerals. This can quickly lead to deficiencies in nutrients needed for your immune system.
6- Inadequate sleep. Sleeping more does not help you avoid getting sick. Missing precious hours of sleep can weaken your immune system. And the more sleep you miss, you are increasing other health issues. When you sleep, you can heal.

7- General gut health. A low nutrient, low fiber diet can create the perfect environment to breed the wrong kind of bacteria. By making your digestive health part of your immune support plan, you are adding more support to prevent some health disturbances.
8- Yeast overgrowth. Yeast overgrowth is a major problem for our immune system. Yeast produces 178 different toxins. The work it takes to eliminate all those toxins takes energy away from your immune system.
9- Overdoing caffeine. Some caffeine, up to 400 mgs, has been shown to reduce inflammation. However too much can decrease our ability to fight infections as well as remove damaged or abnormal cells. It also causes increased levels of cortisol.
10- Alcohol. Alcohol alters the number of microbes in the microbiome- a huge community of microorganisms in the intestine that aid in normal gut function. These organisms affect the function of the immune system. Alcohol disrupts the communication between these organisms and the intestine.

So what can you do? Replenish minerals!!! Beeing Well offers many options. When your body has the nutrients it needs to heal and stay well, then it can. Start to eliminate what has been addressed from your life, but do it slowly and one thing at a time. Even a 1% change will make a difference.

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