A Neat Thought

Hello my friend,

Another week has flown by! The time goes so fast for me. My Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are filled with caring for wonderful people, some of those wonderful people are you. Thank you so much for your support with my new adventure! I want you all to know that I am so very grateful for the various ways that I have seen and felt your support.

I came across this quote from Ann Voskamp. She is a Christian writer and has a wonderful weekly email that I subscribe to. The quote is this…

“The goal of confrontation should always be restoration rather than alienation.”

For some reason, the quote really grabbed my attention, enough for me to print it off. Now, I don’t even remember the rest of her email, just this quote.

As a person who wants to avoid confrontation, yet am very defensive and can be quite explosive, (just ask my family), this gives me a very different perspective about confrontation. All confrontation does not have to be ugly and loud, especially if your goal is restoration. What a neat thought… to confront someone with the goal to resolve the issue and hopefully keep, or even improve, the relationship. This gives the word and the situation of confrontation a whole new meaning for me. The next time I am put in the situation of a confrontation, I truly hope I will remember that restoration is the only goal I have for the issue.

I wish I had a story or experience to share how this has worked for me, but I do not yet. I am pretty sure this will show up for me to see if I am ready to give it a try.
If any of you do have a story or experience and are willing to share, I would love to hear from you and I appreciate your vulnerability to share.

Love to you,


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