A Welcome Addition!

Happy Monday Everyone! 

Today, I am introducing a new type of pain relief therapy that is offered at Beeing Well.  

This technique uses low-level electrical current and is adjusted for each body part and/or tissue in an attempt to relieve your pain. It works on trigger points and is called Frequency Specific Microcurrent or FSM.

While using FSM, it has been found that different frequencies can be used to potentially reduce inflammation (swelling), allowing the tissues to heal and reduce the pain. 

One of the ways FSM works is by potentially increasing the substance ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the form of energy used by cells. Because FSM treatments can increase ATP production by as much as 500% in damaged tissues, this may help with the recovery process. 

FSM treatments are not only for pain relief. Because inflammation plays a role in so many other conditions, FSM has the potential to help in many situations. 

A few things to know before your treatment: 

  1. You must consume a quart of WATER (only WATER) within 4 hours of your treatment. This makes you able to conduct electricity and is a very important step. Failure to drink water may lessen the success of your treatment.
  2. Plan on getting undressed and wearing a sports bra and/or gym shorts. A gown will be provided. Microcurrent therapy is a hands-on treatment and access to the injured area(s) is necessary. The microcurrent therapist must feel the changes in the tissues. 
  3. Treatments take approximately one hour.
  4. FSM appointments are being scheduled on Wednesdays at Beeing Well.      Call or text 801-391-1525 for your appointment.

NOW, I am excited to introduce Mallori Henderson!  She is our microcurrent therapist and we’re happy to get to know her.

Mallori was born and raised in Morgan, Utah. She lived there until she met and married her husband, Mitch, in 2012. They moved to Cache Valley in 2013 and have been here since. Her happy place is out in nature with her husband and her 2 dogs, or creating something in her craft room. 

Mallori worked at the Budge Clinic as a CNA for 4 years. Having a desire to learn more about Eastern medicine, she took a foot zoning class and has had her own foot zoning business for over a year. She loves working with people and is so excited to be a member of the Beeing Well team. (I am excited to have her too!)

We invite you to call the office and schedule your FSM treatment and/or an amazing foot zoning session with Mallori! 

Much love and happiness to you! Janalee

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