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With a desire to serve, nursing has transformed into whole person care, body, mind and spirit.

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Janalee Stingler


Beeing Well's Founder

Hi, my name is Janalee Stinger. I am a RN, massage therapist, and certified in NAET, MSA, SRT,  Emotion Code, and Body Mapping. I am also trained in Body Code, and many other functional medicine modalities.

My background in western medicine included 17 years of serving families in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit as a nurse. Rather than just giving the babies pokes and prods so often required in the NICU, I became a massage therapist, learning positive touch techniques, to help their experience to be more pleasant.

Life took a tailspin with some personal and family challenges. I became a widow and spiraled into a dark depression. While my physical needs were being taken care of, I hungrily sought after emotional and spiritual support to overcome the tendrils of hopelessness and despair. The journey towards my own healing and recovery inspired a new path for me professionally. With a secure understanding of the physical systems in our bodies because of my nursing and massage therapy, I began incorporating and certifying in a variety of energy healing modalities. Now with several unique techniques, I employ a whole toolkit to support your next step towards your wellness including body, mind, and spirit.

Fast forward twenty-plus years, I am happily married and live in Logan, Utah. I am the owner and founder of Beeing Well, where I serve women, men, and children.  I address physical and emotional challenges, as a personal mentor, a health coach, an emotional garbage collector, and a problem-solver extraordinaire.

Meet the Beeing Well Team

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Kaylene Ames

Financial Trainer

Hi! My name is Kaylene Ames and I am a licensed financial trainer and owner of two agencies in Utah and a new one opening soon in Idaho.

My life experiences have led me to Beeing Well and I am happy and grateful for this amazing opportunity to serve families. It is my intention to interact and collaborate
WITH you as you create a financial path that meets your unique lifestyle choices.
As I have studied and learned about how money can work for us and the options available to all of us to protect it, save it, and grow it, I simply have to share the information with you.
Financial literacy does not have to be hard or scary. You can learn how to make money work for you! I encourage you to do so and take the first step. I invite you to schedule a time for your complimentary financial needs analysis with me in person or on zoom. It can be fun and rewarding AND an opportunity for you to experience Beeing Well financially.
Carrie Jolley



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“Janalee’s zest for knowledge and learning on a continuous basis is part of her routine. Her tenacity and quest, not only to better herself but to encourage her clients with whatever they are working on. Janalee’s ability to teach in a positive manner is uplifting and gives hope and inspiration to others.”

- Kathy H.

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