All Things Summer!

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Hey everyone,

Warmer weather is in full swing and we are out doing “all things” summer usually starting after Memorial Day and ending with Labor Day in September; summer vacations, family reunions, camping, hiking, river rafting, fishing, outdoor swimming pools, fireworks, barbeques, amusement parks and many more.

Did you know that you are actively participating in transforming your health outdoors? 

I was recently reading an article from Dr Mercola. He quotes an article by HuffPost that stresses the importance of going outdoors and highlights four ways it helps support your well being.

● Optimizing your vitamin D levels                                                                                                       

Dr. Mercola suggests getting one hour of sun around solar noon to achieve the benefits of UVB rays and near-infrared wavelengths. This daily exposure also optimizes your vitamin D levels. These optimal levels help protect against heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, SADS (seasonal affect disorder), inhibits infectious disease, as well as, helping to regulate our body’s response to inflammatory response.

● Reducing stress and anxiety                                                                                                   

Natural settings and green spaces are very calming and studies have found that spending time in nature can significantly reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Green spaces include parks, forest preserves, while blue spaces refer to rivers, beaches, lakes, and coastal areas.

● Supporting optimal cognitive function                                                                                     

The HuffPost article states that spending time outdoors can help keep your mind sharp. “Interacting with nature can boost your cognitive performance especially in areas such as concentration, problem solving, and creativity. The natural environments are thought to engage the brain in different and beneficial ways.”

● Improving sleep                                                                                                                                             A 2021 study found that time outside in the morning can improve sleep quality and conversely, less time spent outdoors can impair overall sleep. Poor sleep leads to a range of health issues including impacts on mental health and the heart. Spending time in the bright midday sun helps connect and anchor our circadian rhythm in our bodies. The pineal gland in our brain produces the hormone melatonin when you get bright light exposure during the day and complete darkness at night, which then keeps you stabilized. There is a direct correlation between melatonin and the absence or presence of sunshine.

I hope we all take advantage of this summer time when we can get outside, participate in activities that optimize our health, enjoy families and friends, and soak in all the JOYful benefits of Mother Nature.

Love ya Carrie

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