Amazing Health Benefits of Gardening

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Have you ever wondered why being out in the garden, or just growing flowers in pots makes you feel so good? Well, Dr. Laura Koniver lists nine reasons why gardening is so very good for us!

1- Gives You A Healthier Brain

Every minute you spend in your garden protects your brain, so much so that having a garden actually lowers your risk of dementia, increases levels of brain nerve growth factors, and significantly boosts levels of the neurotransmitters tryptophan and serotonin.

2- Gives You Boosted Mental Health

Many studies have found that having access to green space or a garden decreases depression, anxiety, and reduces stress.

3- Lowers Your Blood Pressure

Working in a garden, with a window sill garden or potted plants, or adding a live plant to your computer room, has shown to increase productivity and decrease blood pressure.

4- Decreases Your Body’s Inflammation

Grounding will decrease inflammation in your body. Gardening is very grounding and supports your health in so many ways

5- Reduces Your Toxic Burden

By growing your own food, you are reducing the amount of toxins you are eating.

6- Increases Your Nutritional Intake

Eating from garden to table reduces the amount of nutrients that are lost in the food and provides more for you.

7- Helps Improve Your Sleep

Studies have shown that it is actually the earth’s energy field that controls our sleep/wake cycle. Mother Earth is very influential in our sleep patterns.

8- Boosts Vitamin D Levels

We have all heard that vitamin D is very important in protecting so many different aspects of our health. Researchers studied thousands of blood samples and found that gardening actually decreased the risk of vitamin D deficiency.

9- Increases Your Longevity

Light physical activity and sun exposure will increase your lifespan. Gardening is a great way to achieve both of those.

This is a very brief synopsis. If you would like to read her entire article with access to all of the studies, go to her website

If you don’t have a garden, find a green space to enjoy. If the will is there, you will find a way.

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