Are germs hiding in your home?

Hello my friend,

This past year I have gotten a little more zealous with cleaning and hand washing. Bottom line… germs are everywhere. If you’re like me, cleaning the obvious areas is easy, but what about the ones that get overlooked? Here are 4 surprising places that might need a bit more attention according to an article written by Barbara Christian.

The Kitchen Sink
From the sponge to the faucet to the actual sink itself, it is all disgusting. This is the place we wash our food, our chicken, our hands, our dishes. This area needs to be frequently sanitized.
Cleaning the sink daily is a good habit to start.
Microwave your sponge daily (make sure it is wet before you microwave it or it will burn up. How do I know this?) and replace the sponge at least twice a month.
Replace your dish towels, hand towels and washcloth daily.
Wash your hands before and after preparing food.

The Vacuum
This is the tool that sucks up all the yuck from your home, and then you stick it in the closet for a week and all that yuck from last week is emitted back out into your home the next time you use your vacuum. Empty your bag after each use, or better yet, get a vacuum that allows you to empty the canister after each use.

The Home Office and Living Room
These rooms are used A LOT and collect germs. When was the last time you cleaned your remote control or your computer keyboard? (I did after reading this article.)
One study found that computer keyboards and video game controllers contained enough bacteria to be considered “health hazards”. Wipe them with disinfectant wipes and wash your hands before and after using them.

Toothbrush Holder
The dirtiest item in your home is your dish rag or sponge. A close second is your toothbrush holder. Pretty disgusting! According to studies, an average of 3,318,477 microorganisms live on every 10 square centimeters of your toothbrush holder. If your toothbrush holder is dishwasher safe, put it in there at least twice a week. It is also a good idea to change your toothbrush every three months. If you have had a sore throat, especially strep, get a new toothbrush.

Please don’t let this information scare you from living comfortably in your home. The article says 99% of the bacteria/germs you encounter on a daily basis is harmless. Let this be information to help you be more aware of a few areas that you may have overlooked. I now have a greater appreciation for these areas that previously did lack my attention.

Happy cleaning and enjoy your new toothbrush!

Much love and gratitude! Janalee

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