Boost Your Immunity!

Dear Friend,

I decided to take this opportunity to talk about the corona virus. I have been asked several times this past couple of weeks about what I think about it. I am going to tell you. it is a virus that is causing a lot of problems in our world right now. If you get it, you will get very sick and under the right conditions , you could die, but hopefully and probably, you won’t.

Now with that out of the way here is my PERSONAL opinion of precaustions to take:

1- Do not fear it. what you think about, and especially what you fear, you will certainly bring to pass in your life.

2- Wash your hands! Hot soapy water does so much good. Lather up good and rinse well.

3- Vitamin C. Why do you think that oranges and grapefruits are at their peak during the winter months? Eat them.

4- Laugh! Laughter is the best free medicine out there. Watch funny movies, read a funny book, stop watching the news.

5- Fresh air. The days are slowly warming up, get outside and soak up some of that sunshine! Take a nice walk. Hug a tree and ground yourself.

6- Immune support is always a great idea. Immunity from NIKKEN is one of my favorite supplements.

Keep smiling. Enjoy the time change!

Love and happy thoughts! Janalee

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