Hello my friend, 

March came and went way too fast, and not without it’s many surprises and challenges.  Still we are in the thick of staying home, home schooling and working from home.  My hope for each of you is that you have found a way to adjust to this new lifestyle, but more importantly, that you and all you care about have remained well. 

I would love to hear from you about creative things or changes you have made in your new life that may be something you will continue to do, or something you will never do again. If you are okay with me sharing them next week, please let me know. “Creativity is born out of boredom.”

My husband is now working from home. Yes, I am so grateful that he is still working but this has put a huge cramp in my alone time. I am grateful that I have an office away from home where I can go and have my alone time. I know, not very creative, but so far my life has not had to change much.  

Heart Rock

I came across a sweet reminder this morning while my husband and I were out walking in the rain. There, on the sidewalk, sitting in all it’s glory, all by itself, was this heart rock!  Yes, there is still love in the world and I have at least one Angel looking out for me!

Have a beautiful week!

Love, wellness, and creativity to you,

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