Dare To Be Remarkable!

My Dear Friends,

Suzy Toronto is the author of the calendar I hang in my office. I love her calendars because every month is an inspirational thought for real people! One of my very favorite inspirational thoughts
is called “Dare to be Remarkable, Ten Wonderful Wacky Ways to Start You on Your Journey”. (I am sharing the quote word for word.)

1- Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart, and strong enough to stand by your convictions.

2- Be NIce. You’ll never regret being too kind.

3- Making mistakes is better than faking perfection. You were born to be real…not perfect.

4- Life is a one-time offer. Live it with real intent.

5- Do something every day that scares you. Inhale confidence and exhale doubt as you confront the dragons of the world.

6- Be all in or get all out. Don’t miss out on something just because it might be difficult.

7- Strive for a kind heart, a fierce mind, and a brave spirit. Do not allow the trials of life to make you bitter… let them make you better.

8- Believe that there is good in the world… even if you have to be the good. Reach outside yourself to give aid to the weary and strength to the weak.

9- Live your life with passion and purpose. To do any less is to neglect the gift that is within you.

10- Be the kind of wonderful, wacky energy you want to attract…even if you have to make your own sunshine.

Enjoy your journey and make it remarkable!

Much Love and Gratitude-

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