Does your body need this too?

The wonderful mineral magnesium.

Hello my dear friend,

As I entered the world of alternative/complementary medicine, I found that my body was starving for magnesium. I could not believe just how much magnesium my body wanted. And…my body did not want calcium. This was concerning to me because all I had ever heard was the importance of calcium. I had heard nothing about magnesium.

Today, I have a greater knowledge base and appreciation for magnesium. I am very grateful that I listened to my body and gave it the magnesium it was needing and I continue to do so today.

Dr. Carol Dean MD ND has written a book called “The Magnesium Miracle”. It is about the need for magnesium and what magnesium deficiency can cause. She sent out this paragraph in an email.

“If there was one nutrient that everyone should be aware of, magnesium would be it. Magnesium is a mineral, an electrolyte, and a catalyst used by your body to create the perfect cells. Your body requires magnesium for over 300 enzyme systems that promote thousands of your body’s biochemical reactions every day. Magnesium is referred to as a master nutrient because of how important the supplement is on it’s own, as a cofactor to other nutrients, and as the building block for a variety of cellular processes. It truly is an ‘essential nutrient’. Magnesium deficiency is still the most overlooked health problem in the western world today.”

Her journey with magnesium deficiency led her to create a Pico-Ionic form of magnesium. This type of magnesium will not affect your gut when you try to give enough magnesium to your body. After reading Dr. Dean’s book and getting my own blood test done, a magnesium RBC test, which showed that I still do have a magnesium deficiency, I decided to carry the Pico-Ionic form of magnesium at Beeing Well. Now, I can give my body all the magnesium it wants and I can offer this miraculous mineral to you too.

If this is something that grabs your attention, or speaks quietly to your soul, please come and talk to me. I am happy to help you.

Have a wonderful week!
With much love and gratitude,

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