Emotional Support!

My dear friend,

I would like to talk to you about two things today.

The first is emotional health. It has been a challenge for me to stay positive and in a state of gratitude these past few weeks.

One thing that has helped me get through these moments of hopelessness and despair is Emotion Code, a tool that I have learned over the years and offer to you as a service at Beeing Well. 

Emotion Code has helped me mentally and emotionally for over a decade. This is the easiest, most effective way I have found to release negative emotions stored in my subconscious that are  “taking over” my ability to be happy, or sometimes, even function.  Negative emotions that have been stuck and are released from early childhood and/or generational are done and gone.

Using my gratitude journal to keep me in a grateful state also helps negative feelings from returning and re-storing in my subconscious. When I use the Emotion Code, I change the way I am feeling in a matter of minutes. This is something you can learn to do for yourself too. It is incredible and it lasts.

An Emotion Code session with Beeing Well is $50. If you would like to release several negative emotions in a very short amount of time, contact me by replying to this blog, call me, or text me at 801-391-1525. 

The second thing I would like to talk to about is something I learned this week in one of my classes. My dear friend, mentor, and teacher, Laurel Huston taught this to me.

Our body has a spirit that is with us until we die. Until now, I have always been taught or thought my spirit is “in” my body.  

Well, our spirit it so much BIGGER than our body. If we allow our spirit to be “outside” of our body, it can do some amazing things for us. Our spirit can be our first line of protection from all the negative we are experiencing in our world right now. 

Think of a big protective down comforter all around you on a cold winter day. Comfortable and warm!

Our spirit can also be a beacon of light to the world. If we let our spirits shine, we can radiate light throughout the world! Light repels darkness. Think of a single lighted match in total darkness…it changes things. 

Our world needs lots of light right now! We have the ability to be that light and help our families, and possibly others to feel better right now.

I appreciate your love, support, and the sweet comments I have received from some of you.

Let us continue to support each other. We are all in this together. Let’s make the best of it!

Sending you light filled with love!  Janalee  

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