Emotional Work

Release emotional weight and change the way you look at life to feel better.

The Emotion Code

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Release Trapped Negative Emotions

The Emotion Code is the simplest and most effective way to release emotions stored in the subconscious mind and body. Negative emotions can be released without having to physically talk about them, or relive traumatic experiences. Instead, they are discovered energetically and set free by running a magnet down your spine. As negative emotions are dismissed, you will begin to live a more peaceful life.

  • Release trauma
  • Improve relationships
  • Ease your physical aches and pains
  • Lightens emotional weight
  • Releases generational emotions
  • Cost per session.... $50

5 Keystones of Health

Support your body’s essential building blocks

The Keystones of Health examines five areas of the body: physical, emotional, spiritual, aura and mental. Through systematic muscle testing, the body is asked where the issues lie and how they need to be addressed. The Five Keystones is a very spiritually-based modality and involves using a Higher Power and spiritual texts to help guide the rehabilitation process.

  • Improve your physical well-being
  • Support emotional improvements
  • Infuse light into your spiritual connection to the divine
  • Discover your auras' strength and potential for recovery
  • Clarify your mental foundation
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Investigating Health and Brain

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Uncover the physical mysteries with an energetic solution

Investigating Health applies an energetic solution to physical problems. This program goes deep energetically and detects energy blockages in the following areas: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and genetic. With the goal of discovering the “garbage” in the body. When removed, your body has the pathways to mend on its own.

Investigating Brain is similar to Investigating Health. However, Investigating Brain goes a step deeper, connecting both sides of the brain, then the brain to the body, allowing access to areas that were previously out of reach.

Both of these modalities are used simultaneously.

Could You Use These Services?

“Emotion Code for me with Janalee has been one for the biggest life changes that has ever happened to me. I had been diagnosed with MS and Lupus which brought my body and emotions to an extreme low. Through the Emotion Code I began feeling the negative emotions releasing which began the healing process to begin in my body. Now I have come to realize that emotions and healing go hand in hand.”

- Marie, client