Essential Oils

Tap into the power of certified pure therapeutic-grade Essential Oils to augment your holistic health journey.

Essential Oils for Alternative Holistic Health Methods


Why Essential Oils?

The scented liquid is taken from certain plants using steam or pressure. Essential oils contain the natural chemicals that give the plant its “essence” (specific odor and flavor). Essential oils are used in perfumes, food flavorings, medicine, aromatherapy, holistic healing.

There are three primary ways to use Essential Oils:

  • Aromatically - smell the scent or diffuse
  • Topically - used with a carrier oil, they can be applied to the skin where they are absorbed into the body
  • Internally - take them into the body
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Could You Use These Services?

Through the use of Essential Oils for the last 20 years, my family and I have successfully navigated many health challenges that could have required a doctor visit or hospital stay.  My first line of defense for most ailments is an Essential Oil.  I can't imagine what our lives would be like without Essential Oils

- Rose O.

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