Find Your Happy Place!

Hello my friend,

I hope you are well and are doing your best to survive the quarantine. I am very grateful to have a job and a business that allows me to stay in touch with people and help them stay well and healthy; physically, mentally, and emotionally. I hope you have been well in all those areas.
Earth Day was celebrated this week. It got me thinking and wondering, “How often am I grateful for this beautiful planet I live on?”  The answer…”not as often as I would like to be.”I have lived in Utah my entire life and I love the quick changes in the weather. I love the various landscapes throughout the state from the red rock country down South (it speaks to my soul)to the rugged mountains of the Wasatch front. I love the contrasts of the seasons. How often do I actually enjoy the gift that is mine every day and every night?

So…since last Wednesday, I have been more aware of my surroundings; the trees that are bursting out with color whether it be flowers or new leaves (I enjoy seeing the change in them each day), the flowers that have emerged letting me know that Spring is finally here, the snow lines on the mountains receding and the hint of green starting to show. The sun on my skin is warm and starting to give me some color and I am happy!
Water is my connector. I love hot showers, doing dishes, and in warm weather, I want to have my feet in water. A hose with cold running water over my feet in warm grass brings me so much joy and is my way to physically ground.
My husband cares for the pool where we live and often I will help him out. He has been getting it ready to open May 1st (as long as the Health Dept. says it’s okay due to Covid-19 restrictions) and he asked me to go with him to check the temperature and the chemicals.  When I opened the cover for him, I could not help but slip off my shoes and put my feet in the water and I sat there with the sun on my face.  For a few minutes, I was transported to a very happy place. I took just a moment to thank Mother Earth for her beauty, and my Creator for the warmth of the sunshine. That was all it took to rejuvenate me for several days! 

Since the quarantine is still in place, I challenge you to find your happy place somewhere outside. And while you are there, please thank Mother Earth for always being here for us!
My goal is to celebrate Earth Day every day!

Much love and connection to you this week!  Janalee

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