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I thought this week would be a good time to review what frequencies are AND why it is important to test and support them in our body.

Frequencies are a form of energy. Everything in this world is created from energy, so energy is the foundation of creation. We, as human beings, are energy and energy can either be creating positive OR negative changes in our body. Out thought are energy, so it is very important to be aware of what we think and what we say, especially to ourselves because those thoughts and words are creating changes in and around our body.

We, with our minds, can be so powerful in creating good, positive things that we desire to come to pass in our lives, as well as, be so negative and destructive. Disease in our body all starts with a change in our energy, whether it is rom an outside source such as a pathogen or allergen, or something we think or hear. That energy, if given the chance, can create physical changes that we probably will not like or want.

With the SRT testing, I am able to find frequencies that are causing an out of balance response in your body or stress. Then I am able to customize a homeopathic remedy of those frequencies to help balance the way your body responds to them, in a non-stressed state. Layer by layer and category by category, those stressors can be found and addressed. This, then allows or a state of improved “Well Beeing”.

Much love, Janalee!

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