How To Heal Your Hurried Heart

Hello my dear friend,

I came across an article written by a Christian woman, Jennifer Dukes Lee. Since we just finished a book review about The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry, I feel this is a wonderful follow up.

This article sparked my interest in two ways.

First, the title is “Healing Your Hurried Heart” AND the story is about being a “rock picker”. As many of you know, I love rocks, especially heart rocks. (That is a story for another email.)

I consider myself a rock picker, and I have learned more about rocks, especially those that show up where we do not want them, like in our gardens.

Here is my summary of her beautiful story about being a rock picker.

Growing up in rural America, Jennifer’s first job was a “rock picker”. This involved her and several other children. They would ride on a flatbed trailer as the farmer would drive slowly through his field and they would jump off when they saw a rock and throw it on the trailer while hollering ‘rock’ to warn those on the trailer to get off or out of the way of the incoming rock.They would do this until the field was clear of the rocks.

The ritual happened every spring because new rocks would appear. Have you ever wondered why rocks keep showing up? This is what I learned from the article.

Rocks emerge in the frost/thaw cycle, “when winter gives way to spring”. Jennifer heard the famer call this “a healing of the land”. The land cannot heal without the winter.

This is true for us too. We need the winter to bring up the rocks that we have been carrying around in our hearts. If a farm needs a winter to heal, we do too.

I know if I had a choice, I would skip winter every year, but learning this might change my perspective a bit (maybe).

Rocks are the unseen burdens we carry around with us day to day. Here are some examples she gives:

“Hurtful words spoken to me as a child.”

“Deep-seated beliefs that I’ll never be enough.”

“The secret fear that I’m not lovable.”

“New, bad habits I pick up over time.”

“Coping mechanisms (addictions) that numb me to my pain.”

We may have these same burdens and when we decide to allow the winter to bring up the rocks so we can pick them out, then we can heal.

There are several ways to heal our hearts physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Whatever you choose, please choose to heal.

At Beeing Well, we offer a few different ways to “pick rocks”. Bach Flower Remedies are a wonderful way to ease the negative emotions that are causing pain in many ways.

The Emotion Code is a way to release emotions from the subconscious. Gratitude journaling, prayer, friends, family, mindfulness, and grounding are all ways to “pick rocks”.

Let spring emerge in your heart! It’s time to heal from the extended winter we have experienced the past year. Invite your friends on that flatbed truck, find those rocks, and throw them away!

Much love and gratitude,


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