How to prevent an “Energy Crisis”

Are you running on a full charge or just existing on fumes?

Hello dear friend-

How would you rate your energy level? Fully charged? Always half a tank? Running on fumes?

Thank you to Lisa Murray, RDN who recently published a wonderful article explaining that when we feel a lack of energy, it is our body telling us we need to support it and possibly make some changes. Today I am going to address a few important things that contribute to an “energy crisis” and several ways to get our energy back.

1- Lack of activity or exercise. Lack of exercise is one of the biggest causes of fatigue. As long as you don’t over do your work out, exercise will increase your energy. When you are feeling tired, get up and move. Since the weather is getting nicer, take a short walk outside, breathe fresh air and get some sunshine!

2- Not getting enough sunlight. Exposing your eyes to natural sunlight recharges your batteries. Take off your glasses and go outside for a walk. If the sunlight in the middle of the day is too much, go first thing in the morning.

3- Not drinking enough water. We need water! Your brain is made of water and fat. It will function so much better with water. The last place your body reabsorbs water, especially for your brain, is from your colon (yuck). No wonder you can’t think clearly. Drink your water.

4- Poor sleep quality or quantity. Sleep apnea, restless legs, cortisol imbalance, pain, and noise are a few things that can interfere with a good night’s sleep. Caffeine and alcohol ingested too close to bedtime can also affect the quality of your sleep. Too much blue screen light from your TV, computer, or cell phone can cause issues with sleep. And last but not least, staying up too late so your sleep hours are cut short.

Here are some “Sleep Hygiene” suggestions: 

* Prepare for bed earlier and go to bed the same time every night.
* Avoid screen time 2 hours before bed. Read a book instead.
* Keep your bedroom as dark as possible. Total darkness is best.
* Sleep in a cool environment.
* Ear plugs may be very helpful if you sleep in a noisy area.
* Herbal tea with honey.
* Supplements to help calm the cortisol and the brain.

5- Unstable blood sugar. A snack before bed is not a bad thing if you are waking up during the night because your blood sugar has dropped too low. Protein and fat, not carbohydrates, are good things to keep your blood sugar stable through the night. Also a cup of non caffeinated tea with a tablespoon of honey and a splash of cream will give the brain the glycogen it needs to prepare for the next day.

6- Stress. Good ol’ stress. There is way too much in life. If you can’t change your stress, change how you respond to it… 3 deep breaths are a quick easy way to calm and refocus. Mindfulness and meditation are great tools. Adaptogenic herbs help with the stress response in your body. Stress depletes magnesium, potassium and B vitamins. Replacing these daily may be necessary if you are under a lot of stress.

Awareness is the first step. I hope there is at least one solution here you might be interested to try and help to avoid your energy crisis!

Have a beautiful week!
Much love and gratitude to you,

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