Hello my Friend,

This was emailed out in March, but it still rings true! I want you to read it so here I go…

As I woke up yesterday morning to a few inches of snow, I can say that in my part of the world, March came in like a lion. That only means I am expecting it to go out like a lamb.


As I was thinking about what to write this week, I looked on my desk where I had just set a picture that my daughter gave me this weekend. She loved it because one of her clients that has a very difficult life told her; “Sometimes you just have to put your red boots on and be Wonder Woman.”

When looking at the picture, it looked to me like a battle had just been won. The lady in it was standing straight and tall, ready or the next challenge.

We all have challenges and battles to fight, every one of us. As I look around my life, sometimes I feel that my battles are so much harder than what others have to deal with, and other times, I feel like I am so amazingly blessed compared to what others are going through. The problem with this is…I am comparing my circumstances to others. This is not correct thinking because I can not compare any thing to any one because there is no one just like me, experiencing my experiences and having my life.

I have loved pity parties and realize that they really don’t get me what I want or need. They make everyone around me miserable too. Sometimes we need to go to our closets, find our red boots, put them on and deal with the battles head on and our heads up! The picture I was given is a beautiful reminder that when I am feeling like I can’t handle life, I just need to put my red boots on and act like Wonder Woman.

“I can be my own super hero!” Thank you to my daughter, Storie, for that quote, the wonderful picture, and the idea for this weeks blog. I hope you can be your own super hero too!

There are a pair of red boots in your closet, I know it!

Have a wonderful week!

Love to you,


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