Immunity Activate!

Hello friends-

Did you know that your immune system and allergies are connected?

YES! And today I will explain. I am addressing your immune tolerance and mast cells.

What are mast cells?

Mast cells are protective cells that are involved in many different processes in your body. They play a huge role in the immune response. Mast cells are very important and are necessary for wound healing, immune tolerance, defense against pathogens, and the blood brain barrier. They are found all throughout the body; under the skin, near blood and lymph vessels, in the nerves, lungs, and intestines. 

When mast cells are activated, one of the main things they secrete is histamine. You know, the stuff that makes you sneeze, cough, itch, eyes water, all the things that make you want to go to the store to purchase an antihistamine. Histamine is a major player in your immune system. If you experience allergies, you may have a compromised immune system.

Were you also aware that your cardiovascular (heart), respiratory (lungs), and gastrointestinal (gut) systems are ALL involved with your immune response too?

Your cardiovascular system delivers nutrients and immune cells to tissues, allowing your body to fight infection and stay healthy. 

In your gastrointestinal system, there are certain bacteria that signal your immune cells to look for and take care of invaders.

Your respiratory system relies on innate and adaptive immunity to protect you. 

Innate immunity is the way your body responds to a foreign invader. (This is your body’s first response.)

Adaptive immunity or acquired immunity is when you activate your T and B lymphocytes. (This is your body’s second response.)

Many Energy Medicine practitioners agree; healthy gut, healthy body.

What makes your immune system the best it can be?

-The integrity of the lining of your gut.

-The number of different bacteria species in your gut.

-How the T cells are functioning.

-The rate your mast cells are activated.

-How well you digest proteins.

As mentioned above, mast cell activation plays a big role in your body’s immune response. A high histamine load can indicate a compromised immune system. If you are reacting to foods or environmental allergens, your body needs some support. 

One way to support your immune system is with a particular low histamine diet. (More about this in a separate blog.)

Another way you can eliminate your allergies is with NAET. NAET stands for Nambudripods Allergy Elimination Technique. See my website for more information about this energetic allergy treatment.

This is an educational blog for the purpose of sharing information to help us be healthy, especially during Covid-19.  If your immune system has the ability to fight, you may not get sick or you may have a very mild case.  If your immune system is overwhelmed, well… you know the answer. 

Have a great week AND if you can properly social distance outside, don’t wear your masks. You need to be breathing the fresh air!

I hope to see you at our Beeing Well Open House this Wednesday, August 12th! 

Stop in during your lunch break or after work. Be well and be healthy!

Much love!


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