Is it good to be a dreamer?

Hello my friend!

If you are a dreamer, you are in luck! Jack Canfield has 10 steps to help dreamers become the most successful at achieving their dreams.

The biggest struggle dreamers have is getting caught up in their dreams and forgetting to take persistent action. Consistency is the key to making your dreams a reality.

Here are your 10 steps:

1. Hour of power.

2. Meditate for 20 minutes every morning. Process and release negative thoughts, bring in positive uplifting thoughts.

3. 20 minutes of inspiring information, reading or listening.

4. 20 minutes of vigorous exercise. Get your heart pumping and you will feel more focused and positive throughout your day.

5. Practice daily gratitude. This will help you focus more on the good in the world when you are grateful for the little things around you. This will also help you maintain a positive mindset.

6. Practice visualization. Visualize what you want your personal and professional life to look like when you have achieved your dreams. Practice holding it clearly in your mind and you will find it easier to stay focused on your goals.

7. Affirmations. Stating your goal in present tense as if you have already achieved it. This activity trains your subconscious to work towards achieving your goal.

8. The rule of 5. Do 5 specific action steps that you can do in a day to get you closer to your goal. Do not go to bed until they are completed, so do not make them so big that you can not complete them in a day.

9. Conduct a short evening review before going to bed. Review your actions and goals and what you accomplished. Also, be aware of other things you accomplished during the day, not just your goals, like spending time with your family.

Mirror exercise (this will not be easy in the beginning but will be worth it!)

Look at yourself in the mirror and acknowledge out loud everything that you did that day, your discipline to accomplish what you accomplished and the temptations you avoided that would have distracted you. Thank yourself and then tell yourself that you love and appreciate you! This will be awkward at first but this will reinforce that you are not just a dreamer, but you are someone who gets things done. This will also increase self esteem and self confidence.

What a change in us and the world if we all looked at ourselves in the mirror and just said thank you and I love you! I am going to try this.

Ok, back to Jack’s list.

10. Keep track of your progress. Keep a chart that makes it easy to see the progress. Never miss a day of tracking. This keeps you consistently persistent on your actions that will get you to your goal.

That is a lot of steps and information. But it is a great list. Even if you pick one step from the list to start with, it is better than not doing anything at all! I am seriously going to do the mirror exercise because when I first heard that exercise, it triggered something in me, so I know I will benefit from doing it.

May you have a wonderful week! Much love and gratitude to you!

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