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Dear Friends-

With my new adventure of starting my own business, I have experienced new stress in my life. I have also allowed those stressors to settle in my body in my upper back and neck which has been causing me a lot of pain and discomfort. Last week, I woke up in so much pain in my back and neck that I had a massive headache. After I exhausted all my natural support for pain, I finally resorted to taking an ibuprofen. I don’t like taking them due to a time in my life, before I knew anything different, I lived on ibuprofen… and they do a number on my gut. I am okay if I just take one. Yes, it helped with the pain and I was able to go back to bed.

However, when I was at my office the very next day, I was talking to one of my clients about microcurrent therapy. What I was saying to her came back to me as a huge…WELL, maybe YOU should try it!! So I did! And I want to share my personal experience with microcurrent therapy.

Mallori is our microcurrent technician at Beeing Well. She and I found time for her to address my upper back and shoulders. What an immediate difference!!! My traps have not been this soft and moveable for years. I do need to follow up with a few more treatments, but I could not believe the difference it made for me that day. I am excited to try it on other areas where I experience chronic pain.

Another microcurrent client has this to share with us too.
Molly D. says, “ I came in for microcurrent therapy as a last ditch effort before talking to a surgeon to have surgery on my shoulder. I hurt it over fifteen years ago and I had been babying it ever since. After the first treatment, I noticed a big difference. I was able to move my shoulderin ways I had not been able to for years. And I could feel it continue to change throughout the week so that when my next appointment came around I could not remember how bad it had been hurting. My arm and forearm were affected too and were addressed in the first visit. They did not need further care.The first treatment took care of the umbrella symptoms. The second and third visits were more specific to what I was feeling. After the third visit, I was able to be free of pain and have full use of my shoulder. “

Carolyn McMakin has written a book called The Resonance Effect – How Frequency Specific Microcurrent is Changing Medicine. If you or someone you know experiences chronic pain, I encourage you to pick up a copy of the book and read about FSM. Plus, you can join us at Beeing Well on Saturday, October 24th at 10:00AM to see a live demonstration and learn more about this amazing technology and the non-invasive way it may improve your health and well being.

As always, I am wishing you much love. I hope you are well. 
Love – Janalee

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