The Law of Correspondence

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Hello my dear friend,

Today we are going to talk about the Law of Correspondence. This is from the book “Energy in Action” by Sheriana Boyle.

Tune into this law to … Transform a pattern, Regain your power, Honor your reflections.

The Law of Correspondence states that our outer world reflects our inner world. In other words, what you see on the outside reflects (the energy) on the inside. There is no separation of what is outside and inside of us.

You are disconnected from this law when…

– You overextend yourself or are juggling many things at once. 

– You hold onto old hurts and resentments.

– You say things like, “Why me?”

– You feel pressured or panicky about a decision.

– You act on impulse. (For example, you might send a quick text and regret it later.)

– You judge or rant about what is most on your mind.

– You distance or cut yourself off from others.

– You feel powerless. 

– You expected something and did not get it. 

– You protect or prevent vulnerability.

You are connected to this law when…

– You are able to make a connection between an emotional trigger and a pattern. 

– You are able to own your attractions without judgment.

– You are open to learning more.

– You see yourself as connected to something greater.

– You see reflections as opportunities to move energy.

– You communicate your needs after you take time to process your emotions.

– You feel humble, open, and vulnerable.

– You notice your choices.

Manifesting Message: You are part of a collective pattern. Patterns can exist through bloodlines, and even across lifetimes. All it takes is one person to shift a pattern. Since you are reading this message, you have the capacity. Loosen your grip on the past, because holding on to the past will only inhibit your ability to transform. Allow cycles to come to completion. Some doors will close while others will open. It is not your job to make others happy. It is your job to move energy. When energy is in motion, darkness will dissolve, only to be replaced by the light.

Affirmation: I am an infinite being of light.

Become the light in your family.
Love, Joy and Gratitude! Janalee

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