Let’s Talk Colors!

Have you ever wondered why you pick a certain outfit on a certain day?

Do you wonder why you are drawn to a particular color over another?  

I know that I pick a certain outfit to wear based on my mood or how I am feeling. 

Today, I’d like to talk to you about colors! 

Just like everything in this beautiful, colorful world… colors have energies/frequencies/vibrations.

I love color! I believe this is one of many reasons why I do not like winter. Winter  is so blah to me. Too much gray and brown, which are two colors that do not conform to my energy. I am a purple, blue, and pink girl; and my husband is orange, yellow and green. I didn’t know that orange and yellow even existed until I married Gary and he brought them into my life. Not to say that I like those colors for myself, but I am very aware of them now. Green brings me back to life!  When I see the first bit of green in the early Spring, hope soars through me, and I look for it everywhere in all of its various shades.  

Did you know colors have positive and negative meanings/energies? Here are several fundamental colors from the main color wheel. I am going to share a few positive and negative meanings of each. 

Red- love, passion, power / anger, rage, hate

Yellow- joy, energy, warmth / fear, worry, judgement

Blue- harmony, focus, determination / resentment, sadness, controlling

Orange- creativity, happiness, acceptance /  codependency, emotional sponge, money worries

Green- life, healing, loyalty /  betrayal, mourning, sadness

Purple- royalty, wisdom, faith /  over analytical, self righteous, isolation

Keep in mind, this is a very brief list of colors and their meanings. This week, I encourage you to use the colors to your emotional advantage. If you are feeling a certain way, pick one color that will bring about the change you desire. Look them up and find additional meanings to help uplift and improve your feelings. 

Make this a colorful week!

Much Love!! Janalee

Reminder: Beeing Well Open House is Wednesday August 12th (yes, it is the 12th now).  You are invited to visit us during your lunch hour 11:00 -1:00; or after work  from 4:30 – 7:00.  We’re looking forward to seeing you! (Yes there will be snacks!)

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