Hello Friend,

The month of love, February, has already passed but what is love?

Love is a word that has several different meanings.

I love this sunset…

I love the way chocolate melts in my mouth, and how it brings pleasure for that moment!

I love my beautiful blue eyes!

I love you!

My blog post today is about love and our hearts.

Our heart is our most emotional organ in our body. We used to think it was our brain until heart transplants became successful and the recipients of the hearts took on the loves and desires of their donors.

In order for our hearts to be able to give and receive love, our heart has to be open. I found a great description of an open heart and a closed heart from Virginia Pearce.

“An open heart is: Enlarged, Soft, Warm and Open. Close to the surface of the chest wall. A closed heart is: Shriveled, Small, Hard, Closed and Cold. Tuched away deep inside a protective wall.”

When I am in a closed heart state, I am in a place of self pity, struggle, victim hood, blame, you get the picture…nothing appears to be going right. I actually feel empty.

When I am in my open heart state, it is easier for me to see the beauty of this earth, really have pleasure in what I choose to eat, be so very grateful for my body and what a wonderful gift that it is, and I have the desire to give AND receive love!

For me, this is a conscious choice. Is my heart going to be open or closed today? Sometimes it is a moment by moment choice. Sometimes I am better at it than others.

I am grateful that I can see, or be reminded by others or my environment, when I am in a closed heart state AND decide to change that. Life for me is so much lighter, more fun, and so much easier when my heart is open.

My request for you this week is to be aware of your heart. Is it open or closed?

Getting my business up and running makes my heart open!



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