Moon Awareness

Talking about Mother Earth last week got me thinking about our moon. In the dark of the night, I look for the light of the moon, and when I find it, I breathe a sigh of relief. I love light! Did you know that as women we are very connected to the moon? If you notice, our feminine cycles follow the moon’s cycles.

The moon rules our emotions, and during its 29 1/2 day journey around the earth, you experience a complete cycle within your emotional body. This cycle influences how you create in the world, and it can be broken down into eight phases, lasting approximately 3 1/2 days each. It is helpful to be aware of the moon cycles when you are wanting to create, set goals, and make personal changes in your life. There is a preferred time to do this according to the moon cycles and how they influence your life. We begin with the New Moon.

New Moon – This is the time to set your goal and start your changes. We feel pulled to concentrate on a new direction, focus, or theme. A new moon represents a blank slate.

Waxing Crescent – This is a sliver of light on the right side of the moon. I remember this from the movie Karate Kid- “wax on”.  Well, I think “wax on” the right. Then I can tell if the moon is waxing or waning. Waxing crescent moon is time to work on the goal you set at the new moon. Clarify your theme. Celebrate your successes every day in your gratitude journal!

First Quarter – Your goal starts to become challenging, the excitement of your new desire starts to fade, will power starts to fade too. This is the time to work on your motivation.
Forgive yourself for falling back into your old patterns. Do not beat yourself up or go into judgment. Acknowledge where you are and reconnect with your goal. If you need to get more specific about what you want, then do that. Watch a motivational movie or listen to a podcast that will ignite that fire again! Act upon your new moon desires. Celebrate your successes daily!

Waxing Gibbous – Check what is working well for you and what is not. Refine your goal.

Some questions to ask: Is my timeline realistic?
What obstacles are getting in my way?
What support do I need and where can I find it?
Take note of the people you meet at Gibbous moon. They may offer encouragement and direction. Celebrate your successes daily!

Full Moon – Time to celebrate all you have set in action during the new moon phase. You are half way to your goal! Express gratitude and celebrate how far you have come since the new moon. The full moon forces us to expand our awareness and see things more clearly. Write your observations in your journal.

*A side note on the full moon –  those of you who collect rock/stones, put them outside during the night of the full moon, the moonlight will clean and recharge them.

Waning Gibbous – This is a time of letting go, releasing. Identify one area of your life that is getting in the way of your goal and work on releasing it. Write, read and burn is a great releasing technique. Just be very careful where you are burning and keep it contained. (If you want more information about this activity, just reply to this email). Celebrate your success daily in your journal.

Third Quarter – Since you released something from your life, you need to clear and hold that space for something better. Whatever positive thing you are wanting to come into your life, focus on it, keep that space for it which you created. Do what you need to do to bring it into your life. Celebrate your successes daily in your journal.

Waning Crescent – This is self care time so we don’t burn out. A new cycle is nearly upon us and each lunar cycle builds upon the awareness gained from the last lunar cycle. Celebrate!!!

And then, we have a new moon again…..

I encourage you to enjoy the full moon this week on the 7th. Remember to set your rocks outside for recharge!

Love to you – Janalee

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