Hello dear friends-

The calendar by Suzy Toronto, which hangs on my office wall, has a very fun message this month.It says…It’s time for us cute little ducks to ‘Otter-Out’! When I first read it, I thought what does she mean by this? So, I read through her message and I am sharing it with you today.

Suzy describes a lot of us women as ducks gliding effortlessly across the water, yet underneath the water where no one can see, we are paddling our little hearts out. I certainly can relate to this. Yes, we are able to accomplish so much! But, the constant motion without rest and recovery will burn us out.

She then brings up the otter model where during our work we need to take a time out and roll over on our backs and float for a bit. “Better yet, find a friend to float with, hold hands and float together.” Otter’s really do that. It is called “rafting”.

So what is going through my head right now? I don’t have time to float, or call a friend and have them float with me. Or do I?

Taking time for rest and recovery is so very important and has become more important for me in this last year. The best part of rest and recovery is YOU get to choose what fills up your bucket so YOU can continue to be amazing. I love to go to lunch with my friends, iron my clothes so I get a chance to watch whatever I want to watch, have a nap on the weekends, read, actually take some time to read, or sit outside with the sun on my face feeling the warmth of it again. (If you wear glasses like I do, take them off when you go outside and let in the natural light. All corrective lenses and now most new windows have protection that blocks out some of the natural light that is so beneficial for us.)

So continue to be that amazing duck that can accomplish so very much! And also remember to take time to ‘Otter-Out’ and maybe do some “rafting” with a friend.

May you have a wonderful week!
With much love and gratitude to you,

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