Reconnect To Mother Earth!

A big THANK YOU to all who came out and supported me in the grounding and shielding classes. Several questions were asked and I promised to follow up.

Why is it important to ground? 

Grounding keeps us connected to mother earth. Studies show that when shoes were introduced to society, there began to be declines in our overall health.

How can I ground? 

We can ground by walking bare foot in the grass, dirt and sand; hugging a tree, using a grounding mat, bathing or taking a shower, or even washing the dishes.

What are the benefits of grounding?

Grounding helps improve our sleep, increases energy and vitality, decreases inflammation, increases parasympathetic functions while decreasing sympathetic functions.  

What is parasympathetic and why is it important? 

Parasympathetic is when our bodies have the opportunity to rest and repair.  Sympathetic is our fight and flight response.  This is where most of us live.

The problem with this continued stress response is you can not heal when you are stuck in sympathetic or in a stressed state. Parasympathetic state is very important for our health and being well.

Why do we want to shield?  

We want to shield so that we may protect ourselves from any negative energies around us.

How do we shield?

Here is a very quick and simple grounding & shielding routine that you can do in just a few minutes each day.  I learned this while taking a class from Cortney Beardall.

Grounding & Shielding Routine:

Picture a ball of energy right in the middle of your forehead, or your 3rd eye.  “I AM HERE.”

Have that ball of energy go up over the top of your head and down your spine to your tail bone. “I AM EMBODIED.”  

Then have that ball of energy travel to your feet and grow strong roots into the earth, pathways for detoxing and pathways to bring in what you need from mother earth to support you. “I AM GROUNDED.”

Bring that energy up through your body through the top of your head and connect to Heaven or your True Source, connecting to All Knowing. “I AM INFORMED.”

Then, complete the circuit by bringing that ball of energy back down to your forehead. “I AM HERE.” 

It is important to be present in your body during this life experience. This is a quick and effective way to that.

Enjoy your practice, feel the difference…


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