Hello my Friend,

This was an email I sent out on January 13th of this year. Guess it’s been a long year since then, but I thought I should share.

We are almost halfway through January, and with it being the month I enjoy the least, I am glad to see this month go by quickly. The rest can slow and be enjoyed more.

I know I am looking forward to a new year AND a new decade. I was reading an email the other day asking, “How do we know if we improved over last year if we don’t take a look back and see how we did?” In business it is looking at profit and loss. In our personal lives, it is reflection of the last year.

There are some parts of last year that I am glad to have behind me, and there are MANY other times that I am so very grateful for.

“Before you can visualize the future, you have to stop and do a full review of the past” Christy Wright.

Here are a couple of questions I am sharing from Christy Wright to encourage and support your reflection o the past year, and to help you make this year a better one for you!

1. What went right?

2. What went wrong?

3. What is missing in my life?

4. What needs some clarification, or what do I need help with?

I wish you the best on your reflection! Have a great week!


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