Refresh your “germy” winter wardrobe

Hello dear friends-

As the weather starts to change and our choices for clothing begins to change too, it is highly beneficial to clean up your winter wardrobe before you store it for the next winter season…and much more often than once a season. Many different disease-causing germs accumulate on your outer winter clothing. Have you ever cleaned your hat, scarf, gloves and coat?

It is actually recommended that you wash your coat, gloves, hat and scarf once a week, but not the traditional way of washing. Putting them in a hot dryer for 45 minutes is suggested. Or better yet, hang them out in the sun for a day or two. The sun is a great sanitizer!

This is all new to me. I usually wash our winter coats before storing them, but only once. I am going to use the sun much more often until it is time to say goodbye to those warm winter coats.

Thanks to Maria Atwood for sharing this information so I can share it with you!

Hooray for sunshine! Stay well and keep smiling!

Much love and gratitude


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