Shift Your Focus

Hello my friend, 

One of my patients this week told me about a post on his Facebook feed.  He said one of his friends posted a picture of a healthy white blood cell instead of the picture of a virus cell.  When he told me that, I felt an actual physical shift in my body, and then my mind.  
Why are we not focusing on the the very thing that is a part of us that fights every day with all of its might to keep us well? So today, I am sending you a picture of a healthy white blood cell for you to focus on. I hope that you will have the same shift that I did!  
Here is a quote from the movie THE AERONAUTS, 

“You don’t change the world simply by looking at it, you change it by the way you choose to live it!”
Let’s be the positive change that our world needs right now! Happy healthy fighting!

Love, Janalee

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