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Take the guess work out of the supplements you are taking. Come in for a 15 minute test.


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Customize your daily supplement plan

Are you conscious of your health and understand the value of adding supplements to your health journey? Do you feel frustrated not knowing your vitamins and other supplements are working? Do you wonder if you are taking the right dose for your specific needs? If you answered "yes," to any of these questions, our new supplement testing is the perfect solution for you!

Combining the technology of Western medicine with the fluidity of Eastern medicine tools, we can ensure your supplement program meets your unique needs without waste, uncertainty, or distraction. With a 15-minute in-office visit, you can feel confident about getting your body exactly what it requires to experience BEEING WELL! Click here to schedule today.

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“Taking the guesswork out of my daily vitamins and supplements has made it beyond simple to balance my body and feel great every day!"

- Corrine M.

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