Life is always full of surprises. Some that make us happy and energize us, and some that confuse, or just out right disappoint us. My life, as well as many, if not all of yours, has been full of surprises; especially this year. 

Covid-19 brought into our lives a change in income. We are not alone on this issue at all. This is the theme for my blog this week. 

My husband works in the amusement park industry. In order for an amusement park to want to put in a new ride, which is the part that Gary is involved in, they need to have a financially successful year. That is not this year or probably next year either. His company has experienced a dramatic change, which trickled down to us. SURPRISE!

Enter Beeing Well… the dream of mine that has been evolving over the past few years, and was planned for a few years in the future, is here!  I am so grateful this opportunity is an option for us.  But what has it done to us on an emotional, financial level? Gary and I have had a change of roles. SURPRISE!

In masculine/feminine energy, men are the providers, women are the nurturers.  We, as a society, have seen a dramatic change in these roles over the past several decades as women have entered the workforce by choice or by life circumstances and have become just as, or even more, successful as men.

Now for my story. Gary decides to go fishing after work on an evening I have plans and won’t be home.  He has a wonderful time, and as he is climbing up a very steep bank getting out of the river, the plants he is holding onto pull out and he falls on his left side/back onto a rock. The result is two broken ribs and a very bruised lung. SURPRISE!

I have a certification in body language. I have learned every physical ailment has an emotional component. The left side is the feminine side of your body. The lungs are grief and sadness. Our lungs protect what is vital. Your back is the past and your side is the present. Those are the pieces of the puzzle, how do they fit together? 

His ability to provide for me and protect me has been broken. He is grieving over that. The positive side to this, there was a break in this belief.  We can heal from this surprise, and move forward with a new and different belief. SURPRISE!

Our bodies are so amazing, and they will tell us the story, if we will listen.  You may be saying, it was just an accident, he fell on that side because…which I would have said a few years ago.  But why did that side and particular area of his body get hurt?  The subconscious, emotional stress had made it weak, more vulnerable to injury.

I also had a very humbling experience with all of this. I was not allowed to go into the emergency room with him.  I was so grateful that he had his cell phone and was able to talk to me. Not being able to be there, comfort him, and learn for myself what was going on, that was the hardest part for me. So to all of you that have had loved ones in the hospital and in care centers that have been ill or have left this life, and you were not allowed to be there, my heart goes out to you.

Have a blessed week and be safe out there!

Love to you all. Thank you for your love and support!  Janalee

*Just a reminder, our open house is August 12th 11:00-1:00, and 4:30- 7:00. I am looking forward to seeing you there! 

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