The Healing Power of a Foot Massage

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Hello my dear friend,

Today, I am addressing the healing power of a foot massage. My husband loves for me to rub his feet, and most of us love a good foot rub. But are we realizing the healing power that is happening while we are in that zone of bliss?

IMPROVES CIRCULATION: I sit most of the day that I work. When you sit a lot your lower legs and feet are impacted by a decrease in circulation. And if fashion is more important than comfort when it comes to your choice of shoes, that will also affect circulation. Our feet require good blood flow to remain healthy. A good foot massage stimulates the blood flow and also the lymphatic system which helps oxygen flow to the feet. Where there is oxygen, healing can occur.

REDUCES PAIN: As we age, our feet become more achy and painful. We get massages to reduce the pain in our necks and our backs, so why not do the same for your feet? A foot massage can relieve some of the pain in the joints and soft tissues of our feet. And if you are a person that has cold feet, a massage will help them feel nice and warm.

SUPPORTS BETTER SLEEP: You might be wondering how a foot massage can help you sleep better. Well, when you rub your feet, or better yet, have someone else do it, you feel more relaxed, and some of that stress that was built up during the day is relieved as well as some of the fatigue. As these are relieved, you can fall asleep more easily and achieve deeper levels of sleep.

REDUCES FLUID RETENTION: Are your shoes tighter in the evening than they were in the morning when you put them on? If so, you might have some issues of retaining fluid. Regular foot massages can help reduce the swelling in the feet and ankles. Getting up and walking throughout your day will also help keep the lymph moving.

FIGHTS DEPRESSION: A good foot massage can flood our body with endorphins. These make us feel good. If you are feeling down, try a foot massage and see if it will boost your mood. If the winter blues get you down, schedule a regular foot massage and see if you can fight the blues better.

If you are not able to schedule a foot massage, or you do not have someone that is willing to massage your feet regularly, you are in luck because you can massage your own feet, one at a time by crossing your foot over your other leg where you can reach it. It is not as fun but will be just as therapeutic.

If you’d like to take the foot massage to a higher level, schedule a foot zone appointment. Foot zoning helps your feet and your entire body! Thank you, Barbara Christian, for this information.

Have a wonderful week! Much love and gratitude, Janalee!

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