The Law of Vibration

heart vibration

Hello my dear friends,

Today, I am sharing the law of vibration. You will want to tune into this law when you are feeling uncertain, stuck, alone or you want to increase your presence.

This law teaches us that everything in the universe is in constant motion. Nothing rests. Vibration is the energy of your emotions. If you are in pain, whether it be emotional or physical, you need more inner movement. This law is about aligning with your energy. This law reminds you to focus on what you are, not what you want. If you want peace, then cultivate your inner energy so you are able to recognize the peace that already exists. You will know when this is happening as your thoughts will become calmer, you’ll become centered and you will start to attract what you vibrate.

You are disconnected from this law when…

-You are thinking the same thoughts over and over again

-You feel stuck (guilty, heavy, or hurt) in your life

-You are around a lot of clutter or disorganization

-You are easily triggered by others

-You are in chronic pain

You are connected to this law when …

-You notice the sensations in and around you

-You are engaged in practices that create inner movement such as exercise or breathwork

-You are in a creative state such as cooking, writing or cleaning

-You respect, value, and hold space for your emotions

-You notice and respond to your inner energy (For example you stand up and walk around when things feel tight.)

Manifesting Message: You will know when you are in the law of vibration when you no longer are interested in repeating a story or narrative. If you were to put your attention on the story, you would notice it has less of a charge. It no longer distracts you or takes you off your path.

Affirmation: I am energy in motion.

Wishing you much love and gratitude-


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