The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry – Book Review Epilogue


My dear friends-

The last five years have been healing, disorienting, emotional, fun, difficult, long, full of both joy and disappointment, but mostly just good.

I have reorganized my life around three very simple goals:

1- Slow down.

2- Simplify my life around the practices of Jesus.

3- Live from a center of abiding. (Abiding is the metaphor I keep coming back to. I want so badly to live from a deep place of love, joy, and peace.)

These four practices – silence and solitude, Sabbath, simplicity, and slowing have helped me tremendously to move toward abiding as my baseline. But to say it yet again, all four of them are a means to an end.

The end isn’t silence and solitude; it’s coming back to God and our true selves.

It isn’t Sabbath; it’s a restful, grateful life of ease, appreciation, wonder and worship.

It isn’t simplicity; it’s freedom and focus on what matters most.

It isn’t even slowing; it’s to be present, to God, to people, to the moment.

The goal is practice, not perfection. Multiple times a day, I slip back into hurry.

When hurry happens, this is my mantra repeat:



Comeback to the moment.

Receive the good as a gift.

Accept the hard as a pathway to peace.


Somedays I say it once, others I forget entirely. On especially stressful days, I find myself whispering it under my breath all through the day. Each time I recite it, I come back to the moment.

The moment is where you find God, find your soul, and you find your life.

Thank you for joining me online. I hope you have enjoyed the review of this book!

Much love and gratitude!


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