Tribute to Carrie!

Hello friend,

Today I am writing a tribute to one of my very dear friends, Carrie Jolley. We met in 1995 at the hospital orientation for Davis Hospital where we both had just been hired. She worked nights in the well baby nursery and I worked days in the NICU. These nurseries were one big room separated by the nurses desk area. Over time, Carrie and I got to know each other and became good friends. Our youngest kids were the same age, and we would pack them up in the car and do day trips to Logan to get cheese, cookies, and creamies. We got to know each other very well on these trips. Having been “sick” for so many years, Carrie wanted to introduce me to her sister- in- law who did homeopathic medicine in Provo. Three years later, I went. Three months after that, my health had made a remarkable improvement. Shortly after that, my first husband died in an accident. I would not have been able to survive that trauma and be a single mom if I had not been doing homeopathy. Carrie and I started our own homeopathy business. Eventually, she got a job at Peterson Wellness Center. In 2003, I took Carrie’s place at Peterson Wellness Center while she and her family lived in Germany for five years. I had the opportunity to visit her while she was there and we had the most amazing European road trip! (I am hopeful we will be able to travel again to Germany this September.)Carrie returned to Peterson Wellness and we have worked together since. Her last day at Peterson Wellness Center was this past Thursday. She is off on a new adventure. My hope and dream is that the two of us will be working together again in the near future.
Carrie came into my life and directed me to the help I needed to heal.
She was/is such a great strength and support personally and professionally for me. Together we know so much!
She is calm when I am freaking out.
She is the voice in the back of my mind saying “it will all work out” or “it will be okay”.  And I believe her.

We started a business together, worked together and stayed friends. 
She was there when my first husband died.
She was there through all my crazy dating.
She was there when I met and married Gary.
She has been there through all the good, the bad, and the ugly.
We have known each other for over 25 years. 
She is an amazingly strong woman and I am grateful and privileged to have her in my life.

Thank you Carrie for being my friend. I love you and I will so miss working with you! 

Have fun in the mountains that you love so much, and that brings you joy and happiness!
Much love – Janalee  

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