Unexpected Beauty!

Dear Friend,
This week has been a big week of change for me. I am self-employed…ONLY self-employed.  With that statement, there is a lot of excitement and wonder about the future. The small office space I have been renting since October has now grown into the whole office suite!  Transformation is taking place, making it Beeing Well. The process has been fun and exciting!!  I appreciate all the physical and emotional support and help from family and friends, especially from my husband, Gary.
If you haven’t yet, jump over to my website and see all that will be offered at www.beeingwell.org.
This week, I want to share three pictures with you.

Full Halo Sundog!

The first one was from a couple of weekends ago. Gary and I were at my daughter’s house helping them build their deck. My daughter yells to me to look up at the sun, which I think about before I do. But when I do, I see the most amazing thing…a full halo sundog!  I have seen bits of these before, but never a full one!  Amazing…a rainbow in a totally different way.  
Here is the significance of seeing the sundog with my daughter. Remember the email I wrote about the bike ride our husbands went on that brought up buried trauma for me?  Well it turns out, that was an emotional trip for my daughter too. (Why would it not have been? Sometimes I am slow to figure these things out).  
Let me backup a few years. After Robb died, rainbows became the sign to me and my daughter that he was close. We are always looking for rainbows. I have crystals in my windows to create them. 
OK, back to present day. Shortly after both our husbands returned home safely from their trip,it rained. My daughter and I both looked and watched for a rainbow, knowing we would see one…and we did not…until that Saturday in her backyard. Keep in mind, this is a cell phone picture of the sun, but I was excited to see that I was able to capture the moment. And I was so grateful to experience it, especially with her!

The other two pictures are of a petunia.  

Determined Petunia!
Volunteer Petunia!

My mother, bless her heart, loves annuals. She has way too many pots and flower beds around her home. This year, she needed a lot of help planting all those sweet little flowers. That was the middle of May.  I was at my parents home last weekend delivering supplements for them and this is what I saw… a volunteer petunia. I didn’t know they could volunteer, and do that…and in the crack of the cement?  What determination against all odds, this piece of unexpected beauty.  
I have a couple of points here:  1- Look for the amazing, unexpected beauty in our world. There is so much and it keeps surprising me!  2- Don’t let obstacles get in your way of growth, even if your life is not as easy as someone else’s.  Determination!!!
I hope you all find some unexpected beauty this week! Keep your eyes open, and sometimes you need to look up!
Love to you all!  Janalee

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