Want Rest?

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Dr. Roger Seheult is a pulmonologist that works in critical care medicine. He did research on how to keep our immune and respiratory systems healthy. He came up with an acronym to make it easy to remember.

It is “WANT REST.”

W-Water We need good clean water, a daily minimum of ½ our body weight in ounces. You can also do hot and cold water therapy to support your circulation system.

A-Air We need to breathe fresh air. I know it is difficult while wearing a mask, but when you are at home, alone in your car, walking outside, take off your mask! Also, opening your windows to allow fresh air in your home reduces the amount of recirculated contaminates. No matter what the temperature is outside, I sleep with my window from cracked (in the dead of winter) to all the way open in the summer. I love the fresh air while I sleep.

N-Nutrition Our immune system depends on healthy nutrition. Sugar is known to interfere with immune function, and I have heard that it can knock it down to 50% function. Stay away from the sugar. Also some supplements can be a great way to optimize nutrition. I will address the ones that Dr. Seheult recommends.

T-Temperance It is important to keep things in balance to stay healthy. Some of the important substances to keep to a minimum are sugar, caffeine, alcohol and tobacco. Social media and screen time should be kept to a minimum especially so they don’t interfere with sleep. Mindfulness or deep breathing can support a healthy stress response.

R-Rest Sleep deprivation is known to interfere with immune function. Those who sleep less than 5 hours a night are at much greater risk for getting a cold than those that sleep more than 7 hours.

E-Exercise Working out can have a beneficial effect on your immune function within minutes. Moderate exercise supports your immune system while intense training can compromise it. Exercise also helps elevate your mood.

S-Sunlight Sunlight goes hand in hand with exercise and fresh air, but the UVA wavelengths have been found to support innate and adaptive immunity. We also get vitamin D from the sun which has been proven to be so important in immune function.

T-Trust Believing and trusting in a higher power can give you peace of mind regardless of situational circumstances.

These are the nutritional supplements Dr. Seheult recommends: N-acetylcysteine (NAC), Vitamin D, Zinc, Vitamin C, and Quercetin. All of these recommended supplements are available at Beeing Well. Plus, you can be tested to see which ones are best for you!

Love to you! Janalee

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