Warm Hugs!

Dear Friend,

I would like to talk to you about herd immunity. 

Herd immunity is when most of the people of a certain area are immune to a specific disease.  If enough people are resistant to the cause of disease, such as a virus, it has nowhere to go.  While not every person may be immune, the group as a whole has protection.  This is because there are fewer high-risk people overall.  When this happens, the infection rate drops and the disease is no longer the threat that it once was.  A population can achieve herd immunity two ways.  Natural immunity or with a vaccine.  There are many opinions about whether or not this can be achieved with Covid-19.

This is my personal opinion.  If we don’t get around other people and mingle and hug and breathe on each other our immune systems don’t have the opportunity to do what they are meant to do.  Protect us! If we stay isolated and always wear a mask when we are around other people, we are going to become a very sick society, and the slightest bacteria or virus that would have been a very minor illness will make us very sick, not just Covid.  
If you are in the “at risk” population, please be smart and protect yourself!

As for the rest of us……

I would like to tell you of a personal experience that I had while in Ethiopia.  I had the opportunity to visit two different hospitals.  The first one was a typical hospital.  People were in their rooms, in their beds, sickness all around.  

The second hospital every morning each patient took their bedding outside to hang in the sun all day.  Since they did not have bedding to lay on they spent their days out of their rooms, outside, mingling and eating with the other patients.  There was a totally different feel at this hospital.  One I have never felt in any other hospital I have been in.

We need sunshine and people.  The sun actually has some microbial abilities.  Get outside, breathe the fresh air without a mask.  Get your feet in the grass or in the water or both!  We were not put on this earth to be alone, we need people! Find an appropriate way to be with others.  

If you need or want immune support, there are many options out there.  I use some sort of support almost every day, and especially when I work.  You can be proactive with your health!  If you’d like specific immune support please contact me.

As I am writing this, it is actually pouring rain.  I am so grateful for this rain since it has been so dry and windy, I didn’t get my green spring mountains this year.  Maybe next. I love Mother Nature!   May you enjoy the rain and the sun this week.

Be smart and hug someone. 

Love and warm hugs-  Janalee

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