We have something exciting to share with you!! Are you ready?!

are you ready


Did you know April is Financial Literacy month? It couldn’t be a more perfect time for our news!!

How many of you have read, The Science of Getting Rich, written by Wallace Wattles? I couldn’t put it down! Such a quick read AND SO POWERFUL!!

Probably two (or two and a half years ago), Janalee and I both read The Science of Getting Rich and began to apply the science behind the purpose…the purpose of getting rich! 

I couldn’t believe it! Right before my eyes, permission to delve into the science of getting rich!

Who can be so bold? Will I be judged? Do I have the right? Could this be true for me? Soooo many doubts!!

And yet, I began reading and was consoled just a couple pages into the first chapter, “There is nothing wrong in wanting to get rich. The desire for riches is really a desire for a richer, fuller, and more abundant life – and that desire is praiseworthy.” 

Praiseworthy!!! Who doesn’t want a more rich, full, and abundant life?

So, I began applying the steps outlined in the chapters of the book and my faith in riches has increased IMMENSELY!! 

WOW! WOW!! WOW!!! 

I am deeply grateful for the shift in my mindset and that I am here at Beeing Well to help fulfill my purpose. My purpose is to educate and share vital information that may enrich and help others create a full life for themselves. We are all so worthy!

So, who’s in? Who’s ready to hear about our exciting news and an amazing way to experience Beeing Well? 

Give me a call! I invite you to enroll in your life with faith and purpose. 

Wishing you much JOY & ABUNDANCE!!

Kaylene Ames

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