Welcome to Beeing Well, Andi Buttery!

Andi Buttery foot zoner

We are so excited to welcome Andi Buttery to Beeing Well!

Andi offers Foot Zone Therapy, Ionic Detox Foot Baths, and Red Light Therapy. She is a certified foot zone practitioner and has a background in Medical Qigong, which is Chinese energy medicine, as well as a variety of other healing modalities. Andi has four children (ages 11 – 21), a wonderful husband, and a passion for all things healing.

Come in and see what it is to feel more clear and balanced, while supporting your body in achieving homeostasis. The treatments are a combination of relaxation and therapy – similar to a massage, but targeting the whole body through the feet using hands and gemi tools to trigger signals on the feet that correspond to all parts of the body.

She can also support your body’s ability to heal by detoxifying the body with the ionic detox foot bath as well as treating specific areas of concern with a medical-grade red light therapy device.

She is offering $10 off through November!

Feel free to ask Andi any questions by calling or texting her directly at (720) 308-4592. Or, simply click the link to get to her scheduling page https://calendly.com/bodyinbalancefootzone

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