What Is Stress Response Therapy?

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I am so excited to spotlight Stress Response Therapy!

It is called SRT which stands for Stress Response Therapy.

This new type of testing allows us to find frequencies of stressors and/or inflammation in our bodies using a noninvasive scan that sends specific frequencies throughout the body.  

After we complete the SRT scan, a homeopathic remedy is made especially 

for you from those frequencies. It is recommended that you take the homeopathic drops twice a day.  

Your individual response to the testing will determine how many protocols can be run in each visit. The cost for each visit is $125 and your homeopathic remedies are an additional charge. You will be sent home with at least two remedies; one bottle with the specific frequencies, and another bottle for emotional support. There may be times when supplements are also recommended. Your homeopathic bottles can be reused until they are empty.

Your SRT visits will be scheduled at two weeks or greater depending on your need.

A schedule of five to seven visits is recommended to help you improve your Beeing Well journey. After that, your visits may be scheduled out four to six months. 

Does this sound fascinating to you? 

Would you like to learn more about this simple, effective, noninvasive modality of testing?

Give us a call at our office, 801-391-1525, and schedule your SRT appointment today!


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