What Won’t Ground You…

Hello my friend,

As I am writing this email, we are experiencing our first cool down from Summer. It is a really pleasant break from the hot heat, but a gradual cool down would be nice. Northern Utah seems to like to do temperature a bit dramatic.

I came across a fun email that I would like to share with you. Dr. Laura Coniver, who is the grounding guru, decided to do a video about what does NOT ground you. She took us on a walk around her neighborhood. With her grounding tool, she tested several different surfaces. There were some surfaces that I was totally aware of that would NOT ground you, and some that surprised me.

These are surfaces that will NOT ground you:-touching painted metal
-wearing shoes or flip flops
-thick bark (instead, touch thin bark or leaves)
-dead trees
-wood furniture
-wood deck, fence, or patio
-wood flooring
-a flower in a vase
-a potted plant

Grounding is so important! if you are going to do it, do it right! If you are not able to get outside, then a Nikken grounding mat is always a great option. I sleep with a grounding mat at the bottom of my bed every night.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Much Love! Janalee

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