Would this bring you peace of mind?



Did you know financial illiteracy is the #1 economic crisis in the world today, impacting more than 5 billion people across the planet? AND, that our world is full of people who are happy to tell us what to do with our money? 

That just doesn’t make cents to me…

In a recently published research summary by Dr. Susan R. Madsen of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business & Extension, Utah State University, she shares findings for these top survey questions:

1. Are you aware of resources that help you achieve financial security?

2. Do you utilize resources that help you achieve financial security?

3. Is it valuable for you to understand your personal finances?

4. Can you manage your personal finances independently and make informed decisions to improve your financial wellness?

5. Is it important for you to be competent and confident with money?

How do YOU answer these questions? I truly want to know..                                      AND,

would you like guidance to help you confidently structure how your money works for you?! 

Financial literacy is a core principle at Beeing Well. We have been licensed and trained and we can help you get licensed and trained. We bring education and awareness to you which may help you experience Beeing Well Financially. 

Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Would this bring you some peace of mind? 

We offer a 30-minute complimentary financial needs analysis over zoom to help you get started with your world-class financial education. There is no sit-down fee with me and there is never any obligation to do anything except receive instructional information. We take a close look at the realities, review a few concepts, and provide steps that support and encourage you to create a financial plan to bring you peace of mind. 

Send me a text, give me a call, or reply to this email and we will set a time for your free financial needs analysis!

Wishing you much JOY & ABUNDANCE!

Kaylene Ames

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