Your Purpose IS Your Superpower!

Hello my dear friend,

The email am sharing with you today is from Ann VosKamp and she interviewed a gentleman by the name of Michael Phillips who wrote the book Wrong Lanes Have Right Turns. I enjoyed this email so much I wanted to share it with you written as it was in the email to me.

“When I was ten years old, I jumped off the second-floor balcony of our duplex. You could not convince me that I was not Superman. I leaped! In my Fruit of the Loom Underoos, red Superman boots, and the cape I had gotten for Christmas.
Why did I jump? I had an intuitive feeling, this inherent belief (plus I was a little bit crazy). I sensed that I was made for a special mission and built with the power to pull it off.
Needless to say, the laws of gravity put my flying skills to the test. The garage roof directly beneath our balcony broke my fall, the clothesline in our yard tangled my legs, and I didn’t hit the ground. I had a few scrapes and bruises, but no bones were broken.
My grandmother ran out of the house and found me entangled, crying, and hanging upside down. She unhooked my legs and took me in the house. My sister looked at me with a face that said it all: STUPID! Perhaps she had a point.
Later that day, my mom came home from work and went straight to my room and asked a question that instantly reinvigorated me. She said, ‘Baby, what made you think you could fly?’
Then it hit me. It wasn’t the cape or the boots. It wasn’t the S on my shirt that made me leap. It was the personal sense of significance. I mattered I was here for a reason. Even though my flying didn’t succeed, my worth did. I knew that I was supposed to help people; however, at the age of ten, the only way I could imagine that was to transform into a superhero. At that early stage i accepted the fact that I was born to do what no one else could but that no superhuman ability was required. All I had to be was myself.
We are all created with purpose. We do not have to spend the precious years that we have trying to find it, because we already have it. We were not created to discover our purpose; we were created because we have purpose. Not one of the more than 7.7 billion people on this planet is here by accident. Until we realize why we are here, our existence can lack meaning, but once we comprehend our importance, then we must take the next step to use what we have to make our highest contribution to the world.
My lived experience of understanding my purpose was and still is filled with perils, pitfalls, plateaus, and promises. the internal benchmark that indicates personal fulfillment and the sense of a positive direction is difficult to navigate at times.
So, we leap incorrectly, attempting to do what we are not born to do. Then we allow our bruises and scars to become our identities instead of part of our histories. Navigating through the meandering twists of life’s trials requires help and truth.
Regardless of what you’ve been through, your purpose is still an essential part of you. Regardless of how broken you have become; your purpose is still intact. You have something important to offer to the world, and you don’t need to be superhuman to make your contribution. Purpose is not what you do; purpose is who you are. Plans change, but purpose is permanent. Purpose is your superpower. May we all leap into it.”

Much love and gratitude, Janalee

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