Book Review- Turing Panic Into Praise

Hello dear friends-

This article comes from the book “The Extraordinary Power of Praise, a Study of the Psalms for the Anxious Heart” written by Becky Harling.

Becky, as far back as she can remember, struggled with anxiety. She worried about everything, small and big issues. When she was in college she discovered the book of Psalms in the Bible.

They called to her. She read, wrote some out, and used some of the words in her prayers. She felt that the “psalmists were giving voice to many of her feelings.” They did not give her answers for her anxiety, but invited her to “feel all of her emotions and bring them to God.” The “psalmists were her empathetic friends,” as her heart found comfort in their words.

While she was busy raising her children, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, which sent her anxiety into a tailspin. It was at that time she dove into Psalm 46 and 47, and “God became my refuge in a new, relevant, and life-sustaining way.” While memorizing those two psalms, she began borrowing words from them. “God, I praise you! You are my refuge and my strength! You are my ever-present help in times of trouble. Even with cancer, I will not fear. You are with me and I praise you.” (based on Psalm 46:1-5).

The more she studied the Psalms, she discovered a two-step rhythm; “They poured out their hearts to God authentically and then praised God by faith passionately.”

“When they poured out their hearts, their honesty was raw. They held nothing back and didn’t worry about how their anger, hurt, or worry was coming across to God.”

They dumped all of their problems, negative emotions, and hurt at the feet of God and then praised Him passionately. As she began this two-step process, she felt “a shift in my spirit.”

“Gradually, faith replaced fear, peace replaced worry and joy replaced anxiety.”

I want to emphasize the word GRADUALLY. Things will change if we are persistent and consistent in our efforts.

This is a book I added to my collection. After I read it thoroughly, if I feel there are other gems to share, I will be happy to. I don’t want you to feel like you need to read her book to overcome anxiety. You can try giving it all to God, or your higher power, and then be grateful! See if that will make a difference. You are not going to offend God with your anger and your frustrations. He already knows how you are feeling.

I wish you a wonderful, anxiety free week!

With much love and gratitude!


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