Choosing LOVE!

Hello dear friend,

It is 3:00 a.m. and I have been awake since 1:30 a.m.  I decided to get up and do something productive so I came into my home office and on my lamp on my desk I have a couple of sticky notes.  One of them is this scripture in 1st John, the first sentence,  “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear”.

I have done a really good job so far with not letting the fear of the virus overwhelm me.  Today was a very different experience.  My husband and I do not have the same belief system, in fact we agree on very little.  Opposites do attract, and we have found a way to make it work, not without a lot of discussion and disagreements.  Sometimes we have to agree to disagree.  We had a situation yesterday and we were on opposite ends of the spectrum.  I listened to his side, he listened to mine.  I am the one awake and he is the one asleep.  So I have been doing a lot of thinking.  I work in the field of health and wellness care. I always have, so going to work and caring for those in need is second nature to me. My husband’s concern is that I am not taking all the precautions I can to protect myself and him.  Maybe I am being too lax about the situation, maybe I have the mindset that I don’t get sick from those I care for, maybe our mental state is the first place to fight off a bug, maybe I need to stay in for the next month….all of these questions and many more going around and around in my head.  Not able to sleep, I come into my office and see that scripture on my light as I turn it on.  I immediately decide to love; love my husband for caring so much about me that he wants to protect me, loving my patients enough that I will do all I can to protect myself and those who desire to come in to see me, and I hope they do.  

Self care, right now, is so needed and important.  Everything that I do can be done in person as well as not.  The internet makes so many things possible.  Energy has no boundaries so that doesn’t change anything for me, except a belief in the patient/client that it works just as well whether you are sitting in front of me, talking to me on the phone, FaceTime, googleduo, or you have given me permission to work on you not being present in anyway.  It is all the same!

I choose love. It is a much better feeling than fear!!!

Loving all my family, and you.  Praying for all of you that you may be able to stay well and healthy and get through this.  Connecting with your Higher Power does not put you at any risk. 

“Perfect love casteth out all fear!” 

May we all choose love over fear and have a beautiful week! 💓Janalee

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