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“The Significance and Advantages of Stress Journaling” by Barbara Christian is a wonderful article I recently read. I was intrigued enough by the article to share it with you because it is something I had not heard of and I believe it can be very helpful.

Stress journaling is a way to keep a log of times you are experiencing stress so you can identify triggers, specific times of the day, events, and/or people. A stress journal can help you be more insightful about what is causing your anxiety, worry, and stress.

In your private stress journal, you write the date and time you are experiencing stress, even as it is happening. Take notes on how you are feeling, what happened, or is happening to cause the stress attack.

Be as specific as you can be. The goal for this exercise is to see, over time, the triggers that cause you stress and anxiety. Having this realization provides a guide to managing your stress.

Other advantages of a Stress Journal?

Improved Self-Awareness

When you have a stressful experience, your mind locks on to the stress and you are not able to enjoy what you are doing at that time.

Stress journaling can free up space in your mind, allowing you to care for your feelings and yourself. After some time with journaling, you will likely find you are more in-tune with your emotions and awareness of your surroundings.

Release of Trauma

A stress journal is a safe place to acknowledge difficult experiences, and allows all the emotions to come up and out on paper. The writing process engages both sides of the brain which integrates the experience in the mind, making it less overwhelming. May I add two more steps that I have found to be a great way to release negative experiences. Write it out, and read it out loud to yourself. Your brain needs to hear your voice speaking it, and then find a safe place to destroy it. Now is not a good time to bury things since we are so dry, but you can shred it, tear it, or safely burn it; all are very therapeutic ways to release trauma.

So, if you frequently experience stress and anxiety, consider keeping a journal to help you recognize the triggers and hopefully help you heal and feel better.

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