My visit at Dr. Troy Walton’s office

Hello my dear friend,

I decided to have a consultation with Dr. Walton since I have had a few issues with my teeth and my jaw (and my husband says that sometimes I snore).

His staff is very friendly and helpful. After I filled out my paperwork, I had a CT scan of my head. Dr. Walton looked at it and performed a very thorough exam.

I went home with an O2 saturation monitor to sleep with that night.

I had my “sleep study” read by a doctor who specializes in that which was recommended by Dr. Walton.

I do have some mild oxygenation issues while I am sleeping, but more importantly, my mouth and palate are too small contributing to my poor sleep.

My next step is to discuss these findings with my husband and hopefully move forward with a treatment plan.

I hope this has been helpful to any of you that might be questioning your quality of sleep and not wanting to go the CPAP route. This is another option.

If I do the treatment, I will keep you posted.

Much love and gratitude! Janalee


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